Build Of The Day: Mōvi Pro Car Rig

by Magnanimous Rentals The second part of our Freefly Mōvi Pro Build, we mount it to a Car Rig! The Mōvi Pro is an Excellent...

Glidecam tutorial – Tips For Super Smooth Shots

by Tom Strojnik In this complete Glidecam tutorial I share my Glidecam tips for getting super smooth shots. I reveal my top tips and tricks...

ZHIYUN TUTORIALS – WeebillS Official Tutorial – New Accessories

by Zhiyun-Tech Finally, here comes a tutorial for how to set up and use the exciting new accessories for WeebillS! In this episode, we...


The fake ARRI Trinity

by James Matthews I decided to make a Fake Arri Trinity and this is how it came out!

Glidecam vs. Gimbal – Which is Better for Cinematic Footage?

by Moves Media Have you ever wondered what's better for cinematic footage? We did too, so we decided to put them to the test. In...

Run and gun filmmaking – Glidecam & GH5

by Peter Makholm Run And Gun Filmmaking - Glidecam & GH5. Shooting videos Run & Gun style really makes you grow as a filmmaker. I...

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Walking Backwards with Andrew Ansnick

by Brad Grimmett Interview with Andrew Ansnick by Brad Grimmett