5 Creative Steadicam Tricks

by Cinecom.net

Take your Glidecam steadicam to the next level with these 5 creative tricks. Make cinematic camera shots with your DSLR.

Due to the DSLR camera, smaller steadicams like the Glidecam, Merlin, Flycam and more where born. These steadicams are lightweight and very flexible in use. In the first place these steadicams make sure our camera is stable, but when we are creative it allows us to do so much more.

In the first trick you will learn how to properly use your steadicam. Many people believe the steadicam must be hold by one hand. But if you use your two hands, you can balance your camera way better.

Once you understand this technique, you can do more advance movements like moving over objects, making fast swipes, rolling your steadicam and more.