Everyone loves a good MOVI

There’s a new kid in town causing a stir and his name is MōVI.

What is MōVI M10?
The MōVI is a handheld rig that a camera is mounted on to enabling steadicam-like shots.

How does it work?
Easy as pie that’s how! Once set up and balanced the MōVI is held by the top or vertical handlebars where the operator is free to move around creating smooth floating shots.

Okay so what are the benefits?
Tons, seriously.

It’s portable. Not just the kit but the fully set up rig too. It’s easily carried from location to location and is ready to go at the drop of a hat. Also without those pesky steadicam harnesses the operator is able to move around with complete freedom.

Complete freedom. With a track you’re restricted to the track, with a steadicam you’re restricted to the locations, angles and speed an operator can move. With a MōVI you are practically limitless. You can walk with it, run with it, even rollerblade with it (yes I’ve seen it done). The MōVI’s potential is just being tapped; seeing people pass it through windows or float overhead to achieve an innovative range of shots is just the tip of the iceberg.

Range of shots. This is where things get interesting. The MōVI can actually emulate the same results as many other pieces of bulky equipment. No space for a track? MōVI can emulate tracking. Room too small? MōVI can fit. With its size it allows more creative options for Directors and DOPs, you can even put it on a stand for a static shot. If that’s not enough the range of movement can also be adjusted to create a controlled handheld look if that’s your fancy – where there were once many pieces of equipment, there is now only one.

Alright alright, but there must be some drawbacks?
Hmm, well although the rig is light weight; carrying it for a day’s shooting can become quite taxing on the operator’s muscles so extra-long takes would have to be considered but that same advice applies to anything when it comes to film.