FlyGimbal Ranger Pro 2

After years of research and development in the stability of the camera, FlyGimbal created the nacelle RP2 stabilized.

The goal with the RP2 to the company FlyGimbal is to revolutionize the cinematography stabilized on a variety of platforms, from the multicopter.

They provide the tuning, on-site services to the homes of filming. Nacelles are intended for professional filmmakers.

The after-sales service is followed unlike many other manufacturers (of the possibilities of increasing the length of the warranty is possible as well as possible repairs)

Features and details
The RP2 is a stabilizer for camera 3-axis fully and custom designed hand-made. Fluid movement.

Expand the possibilities of videography camera in hand. The RP2 is custom-designed and custom CNC aircraft-grade aluminum. The brushless motors are made to measure are built for torque, silent and reliability, while the entire rig runs silently. The RP2 gives filmmakers creative control on the stabilizer, with modes underslung and porte-document vertical to the operators in single or double.

FlyGimbal is a system of stabilization-3-axis digital assets that is based on control of the brushless motor and the inertial stabilization. The stabilization of the device depends on the principles of inertia (the tendency of an object to resist change in the proposal), and requires the camera to be well balanced in the yaw, pitch, and Roll axes.

The stabilization refers to the use of sensors to measure the movements of yaw, pitch and roll of the camera and to counter these movements using brushless motors. Together, the motors, sensors and algorithm of the advance, and stabilizers can achieve the strokes smooth and stable.

The operators can control the direction of the camera using the handles of the RP2, without compromising the stability. Operators can customize their orders by using the SimpleBGC Configurator to get the feel of it right command for a different configuration.

Underslung Mode: The operation of the nacelle is the default mode underslung. The camera can be held comfortably in the ground, at the level of the chest or anywhere between the two. This mode is also used when the RP2 is suspended from a camera.

Upright Mode: Turn the nacelle allows you to bring the camera closer to eye level to a higher perspective and without force to lift it. Use this mode when the bonding of the RP2 on the roof of a car or trying to target people in the crowd.

Fashion Briefcase: When it is necessary, to move between doors or narrow paths, the mode Briefcase is ideal. It allows the nacelle, which will be held on the side and in the vicinity of the legs, a bit like a briefcase.

A second operator can remotely control the basket allowing an operator to concentrate on the framing and the other on the manoeuvres, thus expanding the creativity of the movements of the camera.

The RP2 is designed to be mounted easily on multicopters and vest Steadicam. By combining the RP2 with a multicopter, this allows you to do vidéographies air amazing in combination with the vest Steadicam allows for the stabilization of the 4th axis.

The RP2 is built to be as light as possible by using aircraft-grade aluminum, while maintaining its rigidity for more platforms of camera film. Now you can easily maneuver your cameras either hand-held or attached to multicopters. No cables loose or tie him to give a clean and professional look. RP2 provides the durability to withstand robust use on the plateau, and responds to the strong demand for reliability.

It’s engines anti-dust completely enclosed are designed using neodymium magnets. Where our engine runs ultra-smooth with a high torque at the same time consume less power, reliability, and performance of more and more.

32bit Alexmos, dual sensor with calibration complete software to achieve a stabilization ultimate.

Weight: £ 6,9 / 3,12 kg
Cage of the camera: 165mm x 213mm W x H 265 mm
maximum Payload: £ 12 / 5.44 kg

Support camera
The RP2 is designed to take cameras ranging from small and light cameras to heavier systems such as the Red Epic.

The wizard FlyGimbal has a graphical interface that gives you control of your RP2 by all the Android devices or Windows. Firmware upgradeable features automatic tuning, remote control, setup wireless and graphical analysis via Bluetooth or USB.

Ranger Pro 2 Different Modes

Ranger Pro 2 Balancing

Ranger Pro 2 Test Shots

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