Glidecam HD 2000 Review

by Dave Dugdale

The opening sequence was shot on this Glidecam HD2000. These type of devices that fly your camera are not as easy as they look, they take practice and this is my first one so I have nothing to compare it to, so please take my review from the point of a true beginner.

First off let’s talk about price, the HD2000 is around $450 which kinda on the pricey side for hobbyist, however if you compare it to the Steadicam Merlin it is a steal, but on the other hand if you compare it to a Hague then it looks expensive again.

I had some problems balancing my Glidecam so I contacted the manufacturer and Tom from Glidecam gave me a few pointers. They actually told me I have the wrong one for the T2i, they recommended the same one, the Glidecam HD1000 is about $100 cheaper.

I am tall at 6′-3″ when I try to go low to get at eye level with my girls the handle hits the bottom plate the camera sits on which ruins my low shots. I asked one of my visitors to my site Marc Wiblishauser from Vimeo what he does with his and he recommend rotating the handle, and that worked great for my low shots instead up inverting the whole unit which would time consuming.

I found that flying this outside it much easier than trying this inside, the main reason is focus, you generally want most of your image to be in focus so you have to raise your F-stop to 8 or higher, and if you don’t have much light inside for all the rooms you are passing through you need to up the ISO a ton.