NAB 2018 – Tiffen Steadicam

by Digital Cinema Society NAB 2018 - Tiffen Steadicam

STEADICAM: An Operator’s Perspective Part II

Ted Churchill 1983. One of the persistent difficulties productions have had to face in the past has been to find qualified operators for Steadicam. Up...

Garrett Brown @ NAB 2015

Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown talks to us at NAB 2015 about the Steadicam Solo with Arm & Vest and the new modular Steadicam M1...

13 Gimbal Moves That Will Make Your Cinematography More Dynamic

by V Renee Here's your chance to add a bunch of new gimbal camera moves to your repertoire. Whether you're a seasoned vet or a...

NFTS Course – May 2011

Video by FRYFILM Footage from 2011. NFTS Steadicam Training Course following the course members master the art of big rig Steadicam! It was...

How to balance and use Glidecam HD series

The Glidecam is a relatively inexpensive way to achieve great smooth shots for your film/video without the use of a dolly or tracks. This...

Tiffen Steadicam Ultra2 2008 SOC Technical Achievement Award

Garrett Brown, SOC narrates the story behind the development of the Steadicam and the evolution of the Tiffen Steadicam Ultra2 model. Fascinating and inspiring...

Steadicam demonstration

This video is a demonstration of the possibilities with a steadicam on a speacial rebuilt segway on snow and ice. Robert Többes work is...

DJI Ronin-MX – Review

by kiwigurle A detailed look into the hidden costs and troubleshooting involved in getting the DJI Ronin-MX up and running with a Red.


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Tiffen Steadicam workshops are offered all over the world! Come and learn proper techniques from professionals in the industry. Check out upcoming workshops at: LINK

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Lifted: A Short Film Shot on the Ronin-M

Starring Joel Edgerton and shot on the DJI Ronin-M in less than 7 hours, this short film focuses on the most important connections we...

Cinematographer John Ward

John Ward is a man of very few words, but his film experience speaks volumes. His concise interview responses perhaps explain why he has...

Tiffen Steadicam International Silver Workshop

Tiffen Steadicam International Silver Workshop held at the SAE Institute, Oxford, 21-23 November 2012 - Workshop instructor - Robin Thwaites and Danny Hallet. source: ...

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