MōVI Pro – Unboxing

ZHIYUN CRANE 2 – First Impression | Engagement Film

Special thanks to all our early testers of the Crane 2. Here's the work from Seon Media, they have tried the gear on their...

CineMilled PRO Dovetail System Freefly MōVI M5

Unlock new camera build and possibilities with the CineMilled PRO Dovetail for the MōVI M5 today! Mount larger cameras or longer lenses!! ...

Chasing Saroo

by Evan MacDonald How Greig Fraser and Brett Harrison used the MōVI M15 on the award winning film, Lion. Aside from being an amazing true story,...

ZhiYun Crane-M Gimbal for small cameras

Zhiyun Crane-M is a hand-held 3-axis gimbal that is designed for small cameras such as point-and-shoot cameras, action cams, camcorders and even phones that...

Gimbal Shots With Zhiyun Crane 2 & DJI Ronin S

by Momentum Productions In this video, I am going to show you some great cinematic tracking shots with your gimbal!

Smooth operator: Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown

by Gabriel Falcon This smooth operator is the man behind many an Oscar-winning film's most memorable scenes. This morning he levels with our...

Difference between the Letus Helix and all the other gimbals

by Rizwan Saleem Discover the difference between the Letus Helix and all the other gimbals available in the market, this video will help educate those...

Glidecam 101 – Video Tutorial

Part one of the Glidecam tutorial filmed in partnership with dvideography.com. This tutorial covers how to set up the glidecam prior to use.   Part two...


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BVE 2014 – BeSteady camera stabiliser

Max from BeSteady talks about their advanced camera stabiliser on the Production Gear stand at BVE 2014.

DJI Ronin-S Hands on

New Steadicam Curve

Latest reviews

What is a camera operator?

William B. Demeritt III June 12th, 2013 I think I started in film school wanting to direct. As time went on, I realized I was missing...

Filmpower Nebula 4100 Slant now Shipping

by Yossy Mendelovich With an integrated lightweight structure, good battery life, innovative balancing system and higher payload, the Nebula 4100 is probably the most...

Glidecam HD 2000 Review

by Dave Dugdale The opening sequence was shot on this Glidecam HD2000. These type of devices that fly your camera are not as easy as...

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