DJI Ronin installing extended arms

DJI Ronin installing extended arms by TVS Pro If you are using the DJI Ronin with a long-bodied camera such as the Sony PMW-FS700, or...

Michael Craigs demonstrates Steadicam Zephyr

StudentFilmmakers Magazine talks with Michael Craigs who demonstrates the Zephyr steadicam at the Steadicam Booth.

Alexa Mini & Movi M15: On set

Alexa Mini & Movi M15 Yesterday the day that we’d been waiting for finally came: we partnered up our Movi M15 with the eagerly awaited...

The Steady Approach Part 2

Assigning emotions through the camera

William B. Demeritt III January 8th, 2013 In filmmaking, we experiment a lot with the audience’s emotions. In less daring instances, we safely assign emotions to...

NAB 2017 – Steadicam Updates

by AbelCine

Halo Solo – Focus Tracking System for Mōvi Pro

by Redrock Micro Focus tracking on the Mōvi Pro. Halo Solo delivers focus tracking that works on Freefly's Mōvi Pro for solo-operator focus control. ...

Ancient History

Steadicam Volt Quick Start Guide

Steadicam, the ORIGINAL camera stabilization choice of Hollywood, is proud to introduce the Steadicam Volt™. For the last 40 years Steadicam has given filmmakers the...

Ready Rig GS vs Pro Arms Upgrade Review

by Film Jams In this video we're comparing the original Ready Rig GS camera stabilization vest to the Ready Rig Pro Arms upgrade. We hooked...

Incredible Steadicam shot – Behind the Scenes of Hugo

Go behind the scenes of Hugo and Larry McConkey Steadicam work Final Shot Larry McConkey  prepping his rig for Scorsese's "Hugo"


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Let’s try balancing the RED Epic-W on the Ronin-S

by Dragon Image We have a RED Epic-W and we have a Ronin-S, lets join those 2 forces and see if it will work.

Introducing MōVI Wheels

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What’s New With The DJI OSMO @ NAB 2016

Adam Najberg from DJI shows us the new DJI Osmo, including the new "z-axis" option for it. We talk about shooting 4K, stabilizing footage,...

Freefly Mimic – Setup and Overview

by Magnanimous Media Nate walks through the setup and technical requirements of the amazing Freefly Mimic controller for the Movi gimbal stabilization system.

My History with Glidecam!

by devingraham At NAB now! Comment below if you're here too and come visit at the Glidecam booth! 🙂 Part 2 of this video comes...

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