Glidecam In The Trenches

Dennis Dafung's gift and ability to use his Glidecam help him to produce incredible work from Afghanistan where he works as an embedded photojournalist....

PILOTFLY – Smartphone App for iOS and Android

The Smartphone App for the Pilotfly products are now available for iOS as well as for Android (still beta). This short demonstration introduces you...

Came TV Optimus review

by Ben Marlow Came TV Optimus review

How To Set Up Your Freefly Movi + Moment Lenses

by Moment We are excited to get our hands on the final version of the Movi - This gimbal packs a serious punch, and we...

MoVi M10 video stabilizer: An overview

Take a look at the amazing MoVI M10. This amazing video stabilizer rig could redefine the world of Steadicam.

CAME-TV ARGO 32bit SBGC Gimbal Stabilizer with Encoder Hardware Product Overview

Here's a product overview of the new CAME-TV CAME-ARGO Gimbal stabilizer which will fly camera setups up to 6 lbs. If you're currently using...

Steadicamp 2018

This Workshop will be performed by a group of the most esteemed instructors worldwide. They are of outstanding skill and reputation and have a...

NAB 2016 – Came Optimus & Came Prodigy

NAB 2016 - Came Optimus & Came Prodigy


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CES 2018 – New Zhiyun Crane 2 Accessories

by Jason Vong New Crane 2 Accessories announced at CES 2018!

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How to Balance Glidecam iGlide

I will show you how to Balance a Glidecam iGlide in the easiest, and fastest way. I will take a non balanced glidecam iGlide...

DJI Ronin SC review: a gimbal worth buying

by The Verge DJI Ronin SC isn’t just a smaller version of the Ronin S. It’s an entirely new gimbal built specifically for mirrorless cameras....

How to Shoot Super 16mm Film with the MōVI M15 Gimbal

by Alex Enman Doing new things is scary. Doing new things that haven’t been done before, however, is something else entirely. Exciting, daunting, a pain...

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