Film Riot – Helix Jr. Review

Ryan tests the Letus Helix Jr.

Steadicam Curve : Quick review & tips

STEADICAM CURVE : QUICK REVIEW & TIPS/HOW TO BALANCE Small enough to carry around in your pocket, the Steadicam® Curve™ offers complete versatility when your...

THE SHINING: Garrett Brown Interview (Audio)

In this unedited interview from The Kubrick Series, Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown discusses his experiences working with Stanley Kubrick on his 1980 horror classic...

Freefly’s MōVI vs Steadicam

Introducing Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab

by BLACK DICE STUDIO Introducing Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab 2018 / Zhiyun Crane 3 lab First lookup

SOC Camera Operator Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 – Stephen S. Campanelli

Stephen Campanelli, bought a Steadicam when there were very few around, and quickly became the most sought after Steadicam operator in the country. He...

Steadicam Wars

Steadicam Operator versus Glidecam Operator #1 #2 #3 #4

Difference between the Letus Helix and all the other gimbals

by Rizwan Saleem Discover the difference between the Letus Helix and all the other gimbals available in the market, this video will help educate those...

How to set up the Sachtler Artemis Handheld

The artemis handheld is the stabilizing system of choice for camera professionals on the move. This extremely mobile system ensures fluid camera work and...

DJI Ronin S – Revealed at CES 2018

DJI announce Ronin-S at CES 2018 Ronin-S will be available in the second quarter of 2018 from, DJI Flagship Stores, DJI Authorized Retail...


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Ted Churchill Steadicam Demo

Ted Churchill giving a demo on building and balancing an early model Steadicam rig, and some basic Steadicam operation. The video was shot in...

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Walking Backwards with Eric Fletcher

by Brad Grimmett Interview with Eric Fletcher by Brad Grimmett

Helpful videos from Steadicam Operator’s Handbook

Adjusting the G70x Arm This video instructs you on how to adjust the G70X arm of your Steadicam® (ride and lift control), and get both...

Steadicam on “La La Land” – Ari Robbins

hosted by Evan Bourcier Our guest this week is Ari Robbins - He has a crazy list of credits which you can find on his...

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