Glidecam XR-2000 review

A short review on Glidecam XR-2000

Lens Pro – Freefly Systems Mōvi 15 and MoVi Controller

Freefly Systems shows off their new Mōvi M15 and MoVi Controller at NAB 2014

Steadicam plates for Return of The Jedi

Told with wit and charm, Garrett Brown executes a first-ever shoot with the steadicam, an impossible, brain-frazzling walk through the woods. Just 100 more...

DJI Ronin- S Hardware Overview

by Darryl Carey Finally got time to do my hardware review on the DJI Ronin-S and answer some of the questions I got on my...

The Art of Steadicam

by Refocused Media If you’ve seen my earlier videos you already know I have a love for long takes or “one shots”. More often than...

DJI Ronin 2 – Outback Polaks

by Outback Polaks Experiencing the DJI Ronin 2 first hand

Steadicam Curve with GoPro Hero 3 Black

ATB Skate Warehouse in Swindon UK were kind enough to let us come in and film some of their skateboarders. We used our new...

Freefly Go Next Level – The MōVI Pro Is Here

by Tim Fok Freefly has an exciting new announcement. MōVI Pro supersedes the M10 and M15 gimbal stabilizers, and is packed full of features...

Double Helix Gimbal & ARRI 235 Film Camera Test

Double Helix Gimbal + ARRI 235 Film Camera Test with Mr Helix & Tom Barber Mr Helix tests out the Double Helix + Exo with...


Zhiyun Crane 2 Review

Creating the MōVI Pro

DEFY Gimbal Presentation

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DJI Ronin S vs. Zhiyun Crane 2 – Hardware Comparison

by Tomas Villegas This is a hardware comparison of the DJI Ronin S and Zhiyun Crane 2 single handed gimbals.

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