Like Filmes – Juntos commercial

One shot commercial with Steadicam

Movie: Together
Campaign: National Conference of Cities
Publisher: Ministry of Cities
Agency: Artplan Communication
Creation: Trinity Thiago and Diego Barbosa RTV: Felipe Cunha
Approval (Customers): Isabela and Brentano

Director: Pedro Serrano
Director of Photography: Ching C. Wang
Production Director: Tom Gomes
Production Costume Design: Ana Paula Lima
Production of objects: Analice Lawrence
Production Location: Dias de Souza
Production Cast: Beto Bonfim
Mounting: Pablo Moyses
Color Correction: Ricardo Herling
Postproduction: Efecktor
Audio producer: New Wave Studio

Nucleo Strategic Management Like Movies:
Planning Director: Marco Silva
Commercial Director: Telma Kings
Executive Coordinator: Daniela Kern Sznelwar
Production Coordinator: Maria Ines Camargo

Director Customer RIO Like Movies: Gabriela Silva
Support Like Movies: Magda and Tania Alves Sabino
Customer Assistant: Marcelo Pacca
Assistant Coordinator: Denize Vieira
Audio producer: New Wave Studio

Behind the scene