Movi XL – First Look

by Blue Ribbon Digital Media

This is a “First Look” hands-on experience with the MōVIXL camera stabilization rig. Joining us in the video are special guests Brian Aicahlmayer and Andres Quintero of AicahlmayerQuintero Focus Solutions. In this video we mounted our Alexa Mini with Alura 18-80mm lens on their MOVI XL. You will see it mounted in two forms: on an Oconner Cine Tripod, and our 4ft Port-a-jib arm. There are many practical mounting solutions which we touch on.

This camera build weighed in at about 35lbs, but the Movi XL is capable of holding up to a 50lbs payload. We used the Terradek to send the video signal wirelessly to the video monitors. Control of the pan / tilt / dutch was done wirelessly through the Movi controller with the joy-stick and the Alpha-wheels – with can also be controlled through your smartphone.