Steadicamp 2018

This Workshop will be performed by a group of the most esteemed instructors worldwide.

They are of outstanding skill and reputation and have a large variety of shooting expertise in any field.

Lords and Ladys of the Springs
Larry McConkey – USA
Peter Robertson – England
Alessandro Brambilla – Italy
Patrick de Ranter – France
Jessica Lopez – USA

Designing with the Steadicam and the use of Gimbal/Stabilizers
The workshop adresses working film and video camera professionals who aim to master the technology and artistic capabilities of the Steadicam and get to know where does it probably make sense to use an electronic stabilised Gimbal or other support systems existing on the market. It is also a good convention for operators who wish to catch upon the latest technology and techniques. Through lectures, demonstrations, videos and hours of practical experience, you will become proficient at any increasingly difficult and demanding shots.

This course also deals with the potential of the Steadicam as a creative tool for storytelling and where is the niche of the new electronically stabilized Gimbals.

Each group will have a rig and will be trained by a world class instructor. The workshop languages will be English, Italian, French and German.

Please remember the attendance is limited
Participation fee of the Workshop nett 3.980 Euro includes:
5 day workshop, intensive practical (all gears) and theoretical training
6 nights Hotel accomodation and rich meals (excl. beverages) im “Kaiserin Elisabeth”

Register latest until January 11th, 2018
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