5 Creative Camera Gimbal Tricks

by Cinecom.net

Camera gimbals are the new steadicams. With their 3-axis motorized stabilizer. For a relative cheap price we get super smooth videos without much effort from the operator. This allows us to focus more on the framing and the movement.

But with every fancy tool, it’s the guy behind the camera that makes those shots so great. We share 5 great tricks in this video that will help you make more creative shots with your gimbal. The operation of these shots are simple and easy as the gimbal does the stabilizing for us.

In the first trick we’ll have a look how we can better tilt the camera when filming low to the ground. This is easily done by offsetting the handles. Next we’ll have a look how to add more dynamics in a typical long shot. We’ll re-create the effect of a jib. The third trick is one of the coolest. It’s an action Hollywood effects where we focus on the subject and make the background move very fast. This is done by filming with a tele lens. The fourth trick is more of a reminder to not always shoot in long shots. Camera gimbals can also be used for subtle shots where we could add a focus pull. And the last trick is something crazy where we make a roll movement. As the camera keeps the roll stable, we must find a way around it. This can be done by starting your shot without the gimbal powered on, then following your subject and let the gimbal stabelize itself.