Stabilizer News was founded by Matija Petrovic in 2011. Matija, who is a big fan of Garrett Brown and Steadicam, at first started a blog with an intention of publishing all the Steadicam news and information at one place. As the quantity of information grew, it also meant the number of readers was rising, so in 2012 the domain steadicam-news.com was started and the crew has continued to gather a large number of reviews, tutorials, interviews and other important information about Steadicam.

As a Steadicam News portal has never intended to be a news portal strictly for Steadicam, in 2013 the name was changed from Steadicam News to Stabilizer News, due to Tiffens copyright to the name Steadicam.

Steadicam News changed to Stabilizer News – 2013.

Establishment of gimbals portal has opened a lot of space to the manufacturers from all over the world.

Stabilizer News is divided into different sections, from news, interviews, tutorials, blogs and reviews, and it also allows users to search through the old issues of the Steadicam Letter, to remember the past and the way it was like at the beginning of Steadicam.

We are trying to bring news daily and to be present at all the events like workshops and different technology expos.

Stabilizer News new logo – 2017.

In 2020. we made new design for the site. Here is old one:

New members of Stabilizer News are always welcome, so if you are interested to work for our portal, you are free to contact us by email: [email protected]

Finally, we would like to thank all of our current and future partners and to promise we will stay the leading portal providing news from the world of camera stabilizers.

Matija Petrovic