AbelCine – NAB 2015: Freefly Systems MIMIC

by AbelCine

Today I stopped by the Freefly booth to talk to Nick Hegge, Director of Marketing for Freefly, about the new Freefly MIMIC. The MIMIC is an intuitive remote camera controller that allows you to intuitively communicate with the MōVI and control the camera with just your fingertips. The Freefly MIMIC allows the operator to focus on the path and subject, and all you have to worry about is the framing. It is a system so intuitive and organic that operators can execute complex moving shots with precise framing after just minutes of practice, including roll. The Freefly MIMIC works with all of the MōVI systems, on the ground with the Freefly TERO, and in the sky with the brand new Freefly ALTA.