Advanced Steadicam Techniques

Jerry Holway Advanced Steadicam Techniques

Award Winning Workshops presents Secrets of the Masters, a comprehensive video workshop focusing on Advanced Steadicam Techniques. This workshop/training video explores the creative and technical use of the Steadicam in the television studio environment. Your instructor will walk you through a comprehensive Steadicam rig set-up using a Master Series Steadicam, and a Sony BVW-400A camera. Learn the importance of mastering the technical skills necessary to compose shots for talk shows, fashion shows, music videos, and drama shoots.

Uncover the secrets behind successful Steadicam work by tuning in to the “tips and tricks” utilized by workshop instructor Jerry Holway in his many years working in the film & television industries. His experience on feature films such as Donnie Brasco, In Dreams, The Apostle, My Fellow Americans, The Long Kiss Goodnight and many others establishes him as an expert Steadicam instructor for this Award Winning Workshop.

This Video Workshop Covers

– Steadicam Rig Set-up – Your instructor will walk you through building and balancing the rig, electronics set-up, cabling, modifications and safety procedures utilizing the Steadicam Master Series, Sony BVW-400A broadcast camera, and Fujinon 8.5 x 5.5 wide angle lens

– Prepare a meeting with the director – discover her/his style, and learn the logic behind shot assignment

– Explore the differences between working with the Steadicam in both film and video

– One-Man-Band Advice

– Studio Survey

– Proper Lens Selection

– Explore Shot Design

– Shot Composition

– Using Floor Marks

– Rehearsing the Shot

– Breaking the Rules

– Pros and Cons

– Tips & Tricks