AeriCam Hollywood

AeriCam releases revolutionary solution for camera stabilization.

AeriCam has a game changer for the camera stabilization market. They’re offering a brushless camera gimbal as an all-in-one solution for stabilized filming. The advantage of their system is that it can be used on a multitude of attachments that give any film maker the tools of a Hollywood production company.

The Hollywood gimbal was designed with versatility in mind. Its line of attachments ensure that it will not be a seldom used piece of equipment, but a necessity for daily shooting. The Hollywood is ground breaking on many levels. It’s clean and professional, has the largest payload capacity of all brushless gimbals on the market at 15 lbs, and is extremely reliable. Camera stabilization creates clean, professional looking images. Eliminates the need for post stabilization that eats time, and reduces image quality. It elevates your work to a more professional level, guaranteeing you more business. This technology is the future for modern film making, and AeriCam has captured its value in one product.

AeriCam is a San Francisco based company established for developing aerial cinematography solutions. They have been designing drones and camera equipment for the past six years, and combine a strong technical know how with a long history of work experience to deliver professional and reliable equipment.

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Jason Lam and Frank Sommers
991 Howard ST San Francisco CA 94103