An analysis of GPI PRO Titan arm


Disclaimer: This analysis is not meant to be used as an official or fact. The test wasn’t conducted in a controlled environment. The explanation of physics in this video is from my own understanding. Therefore, there might be some flaws and errors. I wasn’t sponsored and/or financially supported by any company in this project. I’m aiming to be more objective and less subjective, but my opinion might still be visible.

It has started out of my curiosity. I was wondering would the Titan arm behave differently between 2 Blue 2 Black VS 4 Blue at the same payload. I also questioned myself how could I precisely see the result of the test. Since that day, It’s led to today. I’ve been researching and conducting the test for over 3 months. I’ve tested on every canister configuration and documented everything. For the precise result, I’ve put them into magnitude- time based graph. I’ve learnt a lot along the way. I hope at least you learn and/or gain something from this.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the operator not the tool that makes a difference.
Fly safe!

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