Came-7800 vs DJI Ronin vs Moza gimbals

A comparison video between the latest Updated Came-7800 from Came-TV, the Ronin from DJI, and the newest of the gimbal world, the Moza from Gudsen.

NOTE: We are not sponsored by Moza, we got our own Gimbals and rented the Ronin for this. We ended enjoying the Moza more and 5 people on set, we all agreed that Moza overall is our choice even though Ronin shows a slight better smoothness.

We didn’t compare it with the BirdyCam 2, as we do not have it available near by for rent, it can only hold up to 5.5lbs of camera weight. Where as the Ronin is up to Red cameras, and the Moza up to the 9.9lbs camera weight limits. I believed the Came-7800 is up to 6lbs (similar to BirdyCam 2)

We enjoyed each gimbal and tested each’s pros and cons, although we spent less time with the DJI Ronin, but we did have watch numerous videos and tried our hands on balancing. Ultimately, we were more interested in a few areas when choosing a gimbal: setup time, ease of operation and smooth result.