CAME-Optimus – Review & Test Footage

by Roland Posadas

A few months ago, our correspondent Nicki Sun was introduced to the CAME-TV line of gimbals, and since then she has been hooked. To get her feet wet, she first got to play around with the company’s first one-handed gimbal stabilizer, the CAME-Single. But since then, they’ve come up with a bigger, better, badder version of the Single. Well ok, maybe not physically bigger. But just a few weeks ago CAME-TV released the successor to their all time best selling CAME-Single gimbal, the CAME-Optimus.

No doubt, the CAME-Single was, and still is a great gimbal. But improvements can always be made. CAME-TV literally listened to their customer base and incorporated practically all of their constructively critical feedback of the Single and brought those changes to life in the CAME-Optimus. Among those changes are a thinner and more comfortable hand grip, an externally located & easily replaceable battery (vs. the internal battery in the Single), full 360 rotation capabilities, and easily achievable inverted mode (among other improvements). Not only that, but the CAME-Optimus comes with a bunch of useful accessories that the CAME-Single did not, including an extremely versatile dual handle kit, a mini tripod stand for balancing, and a magic arm to attach an external monitor.

In terms of bang for your buck alone, the CAME-Optimus is definitely worth looking into. But functionality wise, it does its job just about as good, if not better than any gimbal out in the market today. The proof can be found in none other than their customers’ sample footage shown below.

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