CAME TV 7800 vs MōVI M5: It’s a walk-off!

by Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions

planet5D writer Hugh Brownstone and a few of his Philadelphia film buds conduct a walk-off between the CAME-TV 7800 and the MōVI M5 in a 1/4″ snow storm. This video is much longer than our usual reviews because we wanted to give you a real feel for what it takes to balance these bad boys.

If you don’t want to wade through all 18 minutes of it, here’s the takeaway: if the M5 is the BMW of gimbals, the 7800 is the Hyundai — a low-priced alternative inspired by the original that offers a legitimate set of trade-offs, and can definitely get you from points A to B.

We had fun, and learned a great deal.