Came-TV Single and Lumix GH4

Came-TV Single and Lumix GH4 + Sound Devices Mix Pre-D

Camera technologies are getting to the point that they not only create amazing photographs and films, but that also makes our experience behind the camera more enjoyable.

Behold one of my go-to setups for wedding and event filmmaking. After owning many different cinema cameras, renting and testing others, as well as DSLR and mirrorless systems I found a beautiful marriage of comfort and quality in the camera rig you shared in this youTube video.

I am coupling the Lumix GH4 and a Leica 12mm 1.4 lens with a CameTV Single, and a Sound Devices Mix Pre-D as a base, and I couldn’t be happier with the footage I can create this way, and the experience that this combination provides.

While we are sure to get better and more versatile technology moving forward, currently this is the strongest run and gun setup I’ve worked with when there has to be a gimbal involved.

Recently while giving a speech at Photo Plus expo on some of these technologies, I also got to check out the new CameTV Optimus, and got a glimpse of the upcoming Lumix GH5. The Came TV Optimus does have improvements, that I am looking forward to in the long run. First and foremost there is a removable battery, and I am told that each has a 10 hour life. Secondly it can be inverted quite easily for low shots, something I wish I could do on the Came TV Single. It also rotates 360 degrees, and felt a little more solid and smooth in my hands.