CineMilled PRO Dovetail System Freefly MōVI Gimbals M5 M10 M15

Quick Look into new CineMilled PRO Dovetail for the MōVI M5/M10/M15

Unlock new camera choices and possibilities with the 6″ MōVI Dovetail today! Mount larger cameras or longer lenses!!

The PRO Dovetail requires a much better understanding of how balance works so you can successfully add weight were you need it and get it balanced in short order.

Using the proper technique and counterweight it is possible to perfectly balance a great number of camera/lens configurations!!

Counterweight System
As you can see by the “T” shape the rear portion contains a series of 3/8″ threaded holes that allow you to spin-on our threaded weights to counter act heavy lenses/mattebox. By doing this you are also adding bottom counterweight to help counter act top heavy camera builds.