CineMilled Ronin 2 Lower PRO Dovetail

by Pedro Guimaraes, SOC

It’s here the first of our R2 counterweight system! Unlock new camera build and possibilities on your Ronin 2 with the CineMilled R2 Lower PRO Dovetail. Mount large cameras or large/heavy lenses on light cameras. Overcome extremely front heavy applications with full adjustability and perfect balance. The lower PRO dovetail is just a part of the “CineMilled Counterweight System” Use it in conjunction with Upper PRO dovetail and the pan counterweight mount for total control over your balance and unlock new build possibilities.

As you can see by the “T” shape the rear portion contains a series of 3/8″ threaded holes that allow you to spin-on our threaded weights to counteract heavy lenses/mattebox etc. By doing this you are also adding bottom counterweight to help counteract top heavy camera builds. Counterweights available in 1″, 2″ and XL sized.

Cinemilled 15mm Rod support brackets bolt right on to allow mounting of lens control motors. The central mounting slot fits any standard tripod screw and the original DJI mounting screws. A must have for any professional gimbal tech or gimbal operator!