DJI RONIN-S! In Use, 1st look & Footage! New Details!

by Steve Huff

PRE PRODUCTION UNIT! This is a REPOST with additional commentary added at the end after we had a briefing with a product specialist at DJI (wish we would have had this yesterday before we shot this video).

So some corrections and info. IT IS heavy, but worth it for what it is and what it offers.

We also learned a technique on holding it which made it easier to hold for longer periods, we also learned it will be come in at under $800. We also found out more info on how to easily calibrate it with a button press (which we were not told originally).

SO BOTTOM LINE, I AM Ordering one! In fact, I tried to see if I could get an order in with DJI NOW but no go of course. I hope this ships soon, as I have never experienced a gimbal of this build quality. As my son told DJI this morning, it is like a work of art!