DJI Ronin vs Came 7800 – Comparison

by Tom Antos

Of all the digital camera stabilizers out there, the best two ones are probably the DJI Ronin and the CAME-7800. I certainly get the most questions about those two models. Therefore, I decided to do tests and compare them side by side.

You can also check out raw footage from my tests of each stabilizer.

DJI Ronin – RAW camera tests

CAME 7800 – RAW camera tests

Both gimbals work great – they produce stable shots and are easy to use. So which one is better?

If you are only using DSLR cameras or something similar in size/weight, then the Came 7800 is for you – it’s cheaper and lighter to carry.

If you want to stabilize big production cameras like the Red Epic or the Canon C300, then you’ll need the DJI Ronin – it’s the only one of the two that can support that much weight.