Freefly MōVI 2014 Year in Review

Here are 10 of our favorite productions that utilized the MōVI in 2014

Nick Goepper Breaks Down His Winning Slopestyle Tricks
Kirk Bereska launches off massive jumps, while carrying a MōVI M10 fitted with RED Epic / Phantom Miro, to show what it feels like to fly with world class freeskier Nick Goepper.

From 1994
Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger break new ground with the ARRI Alexa M on a prototype MōVI M15 and tell a very personal story in the process.

Corey Rich took the MōVI M10 on a 21-day shoot around the world with the Nikon D4S to reveal what drives three of Nikon’s top photographers.

Red Bull followed Danny MacAskill through the ruins of Epecuén with a RED Epic on the MōVI M10 to breathe new life into an abandoned city.

Using the MōVI M10 and M15 on the Freefly TERO, Tim Sessler masterfully guides the Phantom Miro camera to capture an all-new perspective of New York City.

Nike Flyknit
Vincent Laforet captures world-class athletes including Richard Sherman and Kobe Bryant perfecting their craft with the tried-and-true RED Epic / MōVI M10 setup.

With the MōVI M10 and CineStar 8 flying a RED Epic, Sweetgrass Productions combines mind-bending visuals and an unprecedented sense of scale for a ski film like no other.

Intelligent Details
What do you use to film a $300,000 car? Why an iPhone 5S on the MōVI M5 of course! Reza & Co. tested out the MōVI M5 Mobile Kit for a Bentley Mulsanne ad with beautiful results.

Pillar Point – ‘Dreamin’
Wild Combination braved 2-degree weather with a RED Epic on the MōVI M10 for a production that made its way from Penn Station to the forests of upstate New York.

The Ridge
Danny MacAskill takes on the Isle of Skye in The Ridge, Cut Media’s latest film shot on the MōVI M5 and Panasonic GH4.

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