Glidecam – How To Get Great Cinematic Footage – Glidecam 30 Day Challenge

by SkipArtPictures

I made this video to help and inspire anyone who wants to get better cinematic look and better performance out of their Glidecam.

The Glidecam is a great tool if you put in the time to make it work for you. By doing the Glidecam 30 day challenge, you’ll be great with the Glidecam in no time at all. The 30 day challenge is designed to put you in the habit of using the Glidecam everyday so that you will get better with it and not give up on it. This challenge will help you develop better Glidecam techniques as well. Allowing you to get that amazing cinematic look. I also explain Glidecam maintenance and calibration tips. This 30 day challenge will guarantee results!