Glidecam iGlide XR500 Initial Review

by Marcotec Shop

An abysmal attempt at a review of the iGlide XR500 from Glidecam, using the Panasonic TZ30 digital compact camera (weight – 7.27 ounces). The iGlide is designed for smartphones (extra attachment required) and lightweight cameras such as the GoPro series. Ignore what I said in the review – the weight range for this product is between 6 and 14 ounces.

Because of the weight of my camera, I did not use the weights that came with the iGlide and simply shortened the central pole after getting vertical and horizontal movement almost to a minimum. Given a bit more tweaking, I expect to get it balanced perfectly so as to eliminate slight pendulum effects.

All in all, after an initial look, set up and test, this far exceeds the Hague MMC in terms of engineering and I expect it to last years instead of months – I have been put off the ball and socket gimbal, having seen the handle fall off my Hague MMC for no reason at all.

I will attempt to do some standard tests at a later date. Unless I fall into a swimming pool at 04:00am, that is.

Incidentally, Marcotec were superb. I did not buy directly from them, but was encountering problems with one of the companies that they supply – after 8 weeks of waiting, their CEO got in touch with the supplier and things moved very quickly after that.