Greg Smith – Steadicam lessons

Greg Smith, a well-known camera operator, is now making it easier for beginner operators to get up and running quickly and for intermediate and advanced operators to elevate their skills to a whole new level.

Greg’s mother, Christina Smith, is a make-up artist and when Greg was a child she would bring him to work on the sets and tell him to hang out with the camera operators, and watch and learn. Then in 1980, it all began when Greg started his career, working his way up from an assistant to an experienced Steadicam operator. Back then, the only way to learn camera operating was through experience. Over the 21 years of his career as an operator, Greg learned to master Steadicam operating and mastered his skills in working within the entertainment industry with DPs and directors. He became successful and well-known for his Steadicam operating.

Today, Greg is now taking his skills and knowledge to teach operators of all levels. And he’s doing it differently than others out there. He’s providing one-on-one lessons where an operator can benefit the most because it’s tailored towards each person and where they are at in their skill level. Also, not only is he teaching operating, he’s also passing on his knowledge of footwork, rig placement, body position, how to break down a scene, understanding the art of camera framing, different Steadicam modes, coverage angles, and understanding how to best work with DPs and directors, and more.

“I have to say, 2 days of his one-on-one lessons is a game changer.

He assessed where I was at and designed the entire two days around working on specific parts of operating. Going over drills and walk-through in different scenarios. Technique-drill-real World application. An excellent teacher for sure!” ~Craig

“Greg is an A-list, A camera/steadicam operator, and anyone looking to up their game would benefit greatly from his many years of experience of doing big budget Hollywood movies with a who’s who list of directors and DP’s. Greg is a solid guy and terrific operator, and I wish his services were available when I was starting out.” ~Brooks

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