Have you seen any Steadicam action lately?


Evidence of Steadicam in action can be soon everywhere. Current feauture productions such as “The Shining”, “Starting Over”, “Fame”, “Willie and Phil”, “Altered States”, “The Stunt Man”, “Xanadu”, “It’s my Turn”, “Wolfen”, “Prince Of The City”, “Four Friends”, “Looking To Get Out”, “True Confessions”, “Kramer Vs. Kramer”, “Blow Out”, “Gloria”, “Reds”, Silence Of The North”, “The Idolmaker”, “Only when I Laugh”, “The First Deadly Sin”, “The Chosen”, to mention few and quality TV programs such as “Little House On The Prairie”, “The Miracle Worker”, “The Hal Linden Special”, “60 Minutes” as well as countless documentaries and commercials …all vividly testily to widespread use of Steadicam.

No question about it. Our Oscar-winning Steadicam film/video camera stabilizing system has ceased to be novelty. It is now becoming a standard item in the filmmaker’s basic arsenal of production tools. As elementary as a tripod or a dolly. But with far greater universal applications.

For Steadicam is an extremely practical all-purpose production tool of enormous versatility. Not at all restricted to running shots or esoteric special effects.

But far beyond its obvious practical advantages, Steadicam has generated an exiting new cinematic idiom that enhances the scene with heightened sense of fluidity and intimate realism.

And, of course, our unique Steadicam system can be used interchangeably with most portable 35mm, 16mm and video cameras currently in professional use. Which is why so many independent filmmaker’s, studios and production companies prefer to own their Steadicam system.

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