How to set up the Sachtler Artemis Handheld

The artemis handheld is the stabilizing system of choice for camera professionals on the move. This extremely mobile system ensures fluid camera work and offers operators enormous advantages – including a full range of completely tool-free set-ups! The self-locking spindles in the Side-to-Side mechanism enable users to position the camera perfectly. Its state-of-the art design features upper and lower bows that are molded from the same piece of aluminium. This ensures exceptional stability and tortional strength, and prevents vibration. The artemis handheld camera plate is compatible with Sachtler fluid heads, ensuring fast changeover from the tripod to artemis handheld. And because the system’s total height is easy to adjust, the vertical weight distribution can be specifically set to suit the camera being used.

The system’s unique handgrip design enables it to be carried in one hand while the operator shoots with the other. The artemis monitor mount, which fits standard TFT monitors, can be freely positioned, providing the operator with a full view of the screen from every position. The system’s balance weights are fixed to an adjustable mount, which can be quickly fitted without tools. Due to its adjustable handle, monitor mount and balance weights, the artemis handheld is the only system which delivers dynamic balance. And of course, all threads and knurled screws are made of stainless steel, so there’s absolutely no chance of rust.

Extraordinary mobility, exceptional stability and wonderfully smooth shooting – a camera professional’s dream!

How to setup the artemis Handheld camera stabilizer system by Sachtler with an HDSLR camera.