IBC 2018 – Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB Brand new gimbal concept prototype preview

by chungdha

In this video we are showing you the new prototype Zhiyun Gimbal the Crane 3 LAB. This is total redesign of a gimbal having so many request for using bigger cameras like the Sony FS5, Canon C200 and Panasonic EVA1, Zhiyun had to redesign a gimbal that would work the best with such a big camera. First ofcourse the motors needed to be able to hold those weight increasing the maximum weight capacity to 4.5kg, but also designing a totally new way to use a singlehanded gimbal, making it possible to lean against your chest for an extra support so your arms won’t get tired fast, but also enable to use as a proper top grip. And with the top grip it was also finally possible to have a proper single handed gimbal that can be mounted onto an Easyrig Minimax.