Jeremy Benning, CSC and The Expanse

Jeremy Benning is the Director of Photography on The Expanse, a critically-acclaimed fan-favorite going onto it’s third season. We sat down with Jeremy to talk about his background and beginnings in filmmaking, and how he’s tackled the photography on this Sci-fi hit.

Jeremy got his start in still photography as a kid. “…when I was 11, I wanted a camera, and my parents said ‘if you want a camera, go get a job and buy one.’ So I got a paper route, I saved my money for a year and I bought a Pentax K1000.” In the interview Jeremy explains how his interest in photography transformed into an interest in filmmaking – and how a job as an usher in a movie theater led to his learning how to use a Steadicam.

While in college studying film, Jeremy redirected his tuition money towards a Steadicam workshop in New York City offered by Larry McConkey.

The Expanse leverages a large budget (the largest of any Sci-Fi series in history), intricate sets, a multitude of complex lighting systems, and some of the most advanced camera movement technology available.

Keep up with Jeremy on instagram and on his blog/website where he posts about his work and pulls back the curtain on The Expanse.

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