Kinehawk Nostromo- Modular camera stabilization and support

Kinehawk of Sweden is proud to introduce the Nostromo modular camera support and stabilization system. We will be launching the Nostromo on Kickstarter, March 6 2017.

Among a number of innovations, the Kinehawk Nostromo is the first modular, multi purpose camera operation device. It can interface with, and spatially stabilize the majority of three axis gimbals, allowing the operator to perform steadicam style shots when wearing the XO vest, or mount to a vehicle or trackless dolly, for another type of stabilized shot.

There are also modules for attaching a 100mm fluid head to the stabilizer arm, and another for simple cord based hand-held support.

The Nostromo is also very quick and easy to use. Quick release connections mean docking and swapping moduled takes seconds. The one knob weight adjustment allows the user to be up and running in moments.

The Kinehawk Nostromo is the most versatile and easiest solution for gimbal and camera support on the market today.

Product benefits:
– Modular design allows it to perform a number of filming tasks.
– Ease and speed of use due to quick release connectors and one knob adjustment.
– Adds spatial stabilization to a gimbal’s rotational stabilization.
– Highest quality materials: Aircraft grade aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium and stainless steel.
– Light enough to carry all day. Tough enough to take the worst a film set can throw at it.
– 20kg weight capacity.
– Innovative vest can fit virtually any body size, resists torsional forces and distributes weight to the hips.
– Smooth, near weight free booming.
– The arm can be placed at various heights on the vest’s support tube and the camera and gimbal can also be inverted, to give a full range of shooting heights.
– Arm attaches to any standard 43.3mm/ 1½” pipe.
– The small silhouette allows moving through tight spaces.
– Connect to a car, quad bike or trackless dolly for stabilized vehicular shots.
– 100mm bowl module allows the use of a fluid head with the stabilizer arm.
– Easy module allows simple, cord based camera support for hand-held filming.

The Kinehawk Nostromo will allow users to achieve a large variety of shots previously impossible with the one tool.

About Kinehawk
Kinehawk AB is a limited company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s founders, Marcus Dineen and Mia Andersson are both experienced film industry professionals. Mia recently won a Guldbagge (Swedish academy award) for best costume and Marcus has 20 years experience as a cinematographer.

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