Lighter is better…

by Tabb Firchau

But we got your back if you need to fly a bigger lens.

Read on to learn how to determine your maximum payload for various MōVI Pro configurations.

When we launched MōVI Pro a year ago we set our payload limit very conservatively for a few reasons:

1. People had a nasty habit of ignoring our recommendations in the past 😉
2. We wanted to set a conservative limit until we tested and quantified the acceptable loading and use case for various payloads and scenarios in the real world.

After extensive robotic cycle testing, real world testing, and a mix of math and intuition, we came up with the following loading chart.

Stating a gimbal payload without specifying the usage scenario is unproductive, as the loads on the product can vary tremendously based on use case.

Context is everything. If you are using a gimbal in a low impact / low acceleration environment (Handheld, Jib, ReadyRig) it can handle a higher loading scheme than if you are mounting it to a ATV and bombing around dunes at 100mph (guilty).

Rather than just blurt out some nonsensical marketing term of “30lbs” Freefly wants customers to understand the usage scenarios, what is safe, and what isn’t. The metric we measure internally isn’t max payload, but max customer smiles.

Please take a look at the above usage chart to help guide your decisions, and if you are uncertain, by all means contact Freefly and we’ll help you figure it out!

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