MacVideo – Garrett Brown & Jerry Holway on Steadicam Tango

Steadicam TANGO

– Nine-foot continuous elevation and traverse with back-pan and back-tilt
– 360 degree pan, ±90 , ±90 degree tilt available throughout boom range
– Optimum pan/tilt inertia at all times
– Camera fits into small openings with full angular control
– 6 lb. camera payload @ 3:1 extension equals 29 lb. total
– Rapid conversion from “Tango” mode to conventional Steadicam
– Stable – when walking, running, climbing stairs
– Silent – no servo motor noise
– Fast – ultra-rapid traverse, elevation, pan/tilt

The lightweight Steadicam® TANGO™ provides long-sought floor-to-ceiling boom range with lateral reach, full stability, intuitive control and simple, economical construction.

TANGO™ is a Steadicam accessory for use with today’s miniature HD cameras according to Steve Tiffen, President and CEO of The Tiffen Company. “TANGO™ is designed to be a straightforward, bolt-on addition for future Tango-compatible Steadicam models.”

The Steadicam TANGO™ balances and feels like a single sled carrying all components. It provides a comfortable, centered operating position, even at full up/down boom. It incorporates rugged, all-mechanical construction and uses a conventional Steadicam sled plus the six pound Tiffen Tango extension. “There are no electronics, gyros, wiring, connectors or power-hungry components,” said Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam. “It also has a large-aperture, interior cable-path for camera/CCU interconnection. With your eyes closed, it feels like a normal Steadicam.”

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