MōVI M10 – Overview with Simeon Quarrie

VIVIDA are very fortunate to be an early adopter of the stabilisation device labeled the MŌVI M10! The MOVI enables an operator to walk, run, skateboard etc whilst keeping its camera load steady. VIVIDA Cinematographer Simeon Quarrie, takes a look at the new device.

I am by no means an expert. I am a new owner/ operator and I am learning along with other new owners. There is a lot to learn. Hence this is just my first overview having recently unboxed and setup the unit.

Setup time is decreasing to 10-20 minutes. However, I am not convinced my setup is spot on yet. Even the wrong choice of a stiff HDMI cable can have a negative effect on this machine. A good setup is key. All the new owners are digging deep in the forums and communicating with the extremely responsive Freefly support team for tips and peripheral device recommendations.

VIVIDA will followup with another video on the MOVI from Freefly Systems when I have spent a little more time with the device and our team has a little more experience.

For now enjoy an overview of VIVIDA’s new machine.