MōVI M5 Review for Weddings

MōVI M5 Review for Weddings
by IQvideography

We just received the MōVI M5 and wanted to test it at in a wedding environment. It turned out to be quite a helpful tool for both creative and documentary shots.

Here is a short review of my personal experience working with the MōVI M5 at a wedding. We used it with Canon 5DMK2 and a 16-35mm f2.8 lens and Small HD LP6 monitor. All shots in the review are raw, unbalanced and ungraded.

Also, a few notes:

Looking at the small camera display is hard enough, but at certain angles it’s almost impossible. You will need an external monitor.
Tip: the MōVI is pretty sensitive to any change of balance and traction, so you will need a very thin HDMI cable. I found this extremely thin and flexible HDMI cable here: LINK

I had a total of 4 batteries but used only one (2 are included with the MōVI M5). I tried not to overuse the MōVI, just like i would not overuse any other stabilizer… but i guess if you plan to have a dedicated MōVI operator for the entire wedding, you’ll need more batteries.