MOZA Lite: An Affordable 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Lightweight Gimbal

As the cinematography industry develops rapidly over the past decades, there is an increasing demand for shooting quality. Camera stabilization market has been growing faster accordingly with the result of more and more camera accessory manufacturers rushing into the market of cinematography industry.

Gudsen tech is a company dedicated to producing camera-supporting tools that has brought several handheld gimbals to market, aimed at helping cinematographers to capture a more professional footage. Its top product line is MOZA gimbal.

Gudsen Tech recently released its 1st aggressively-expected lightweight gimbal named MOZA Lite, which is a 3-axis brushless handheld gimbal designed to work with mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs, including the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera(BMPCC), Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, and Canon 5D Mark III. It is capable of stabilizing cameras while shooting to produce very smooth footage.

Here is a skateboard video captured with MOZA Lite.

Users can hold the gimbal in three different operation mode: underslung, inverted and briefcase, which allows easy switching for different shooting situations.

An attractive feature is that the can support the device for balance in inverted mode without the standing bar.

MOZA Lite comes with a newly-designed versatile wireless thumb controller, allowing remotely controlling of the camera focus and gimbal movements, as well as pre-setting of parameter tuning.

1. Stand-free & tool-less setup
2. Lightweight design for easily hold mirrorless cameras
3. Multi-functional wireless thumb controller provides remotely controlling of camera and gimbal
4. Wireless video transmitter streams real-time video from camera to the monitor.
5. 3 operation modes offers flexible working environments.
6. A detachable quick release system allows the gimbal to be easily mounted to a wide range of platform: tripod, crane, rig and drone.
7. Assistant MOZA App for gimbal calibration.
8. Powerful distribution box provides power to the transmitter.

MOZA Lite is one of the most affordable gimbals with only $989 for pre-ordering. There are three different packages options for the users.

For more information about MOZA Lite, please check out MOZA Lite official site.