New Glidecam Ultra-Shot

The Glidecam Ultra-Shot is the ultimate, transformational, camera accessory that effectively provides many of the most popular production tools needed by independent, reality and documentary, run-n-gun, videographers in an all-in-one tool.

Designed by Lee Snijders and manufactured by Glidecam Industries inc. The Glidecam Ultra-Shot is an extremely durable and multi-functional “Hybrid” camera accessory that allows you to quickly convert between mono-pod mode and shoulder mode and even a ground-level shooting mode.

From fast moving action, like sports, to reality TV, weddings and interviews, to behind-the-scenes and independent features, the Ultra-Shot’s design sophistication and convertibility make it a unique production tool.

The Glidecam Ultra-Shot will transform your shooting style and bring high production value to your videography at an affordable price. Designed for cameras weighing up to 20 lbs. (9.07 kg.)

Glidecam Ultra-Shot
The Glidecam Ultra-Shot is designed for up to 20 pounds (9.07 kg.) cameras.
Glidecam Ultra-Shot Price: $499.00 (MSRP)
(Price May Vary Per Package, Camera Not Included)

The Glidecam Ultra-Shot’s swivel monopod head comes attached with an industry standard 3/8″ screw. The camera plate includes two 1/4″ camera screws to insure compatibility with all industry standard camcorders and fully outfitted DSLRs.

When the Glidecam Ultra-Shot is in used as a monopod, the UltraShot’s five telescoping sections extend to a maximum height of 5ft-3in (161.5 cm) tall and can support camera setups weighing up to 20 pounds (9.07 kg.).

The Glidecam Ultra-Shot’s hexagon weight rests on the ground and protected by a convex rubber sole, the UltraShot’s monopod is inherently more stabilized than standard top-heavy monopods.

– Monopod Head
– Quick Release 6″ Offset Plate for Unlimited Camera Positions
– E.V.A. Foam Shoulder Pad
– Two handles / Motocross Grips
– Built in 5′-3″ Monopod

– T6-6061 Aluminum
– Total net weight: 6 pounds / 2.72 kg
– Payload: 20 pounds / 9.07 kg
– Camera adaption: 1/4″ thread
– Camera head adaption Any camera head with a 3/8” thread
– Ultra-Shot custom 6″ quick release plate with offset
– Telescoping Monopod Extended to camera base: 5’-3” / 161.5cm
– Quick release silent monopod clamps
– Handles: Professional Motocross Grips
– Handle shafts: 15mm diameter (for standard accessory clamps)
– Handle adjustment: 360° adjustable
– Material: T6-6061 Aluminum
– Shoulder Pad: E.V.A. Foam
– Monopod bottom sole: Protective rubber pad
– Designed and Assembled in USA.

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