Ready Rig GS vs Pro Arms Upgrade Review

by Film Jams

In this video we’re comparing the original Ready Rig GS camera stabilization vest to the Ready Rig Pro Arms upgrade. We hooked them up to our Movi Pro gimbal with the ARRI Alexa Mini. In our Ready Rig GS Review, we cover the differences. The Ready Rig GS vest really changed the game for gimbal operating, enabling us to operate for much longer without a break, but the Pro Arms upgrade adds a lot to the setup.

The Ready Rig Pro Arms upgrade increase the carrying capacity of the rig from 30 lbs to 40 lbs and also can be extended from 23” to 37”. (The GS are fixed). The Pro Arms also come with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads on each arm that can be used to attach accessories such as a monitor or lights, which can be really useful if you’re operating with a smaller crew. So is the Ready Rig GS with Pro Arms upgrade the best camera stabilization vest?

The Ready Rig can be used with the Movi Pro, the Ronin gimbal, and other similar gimbals. The base model costs $1999 and adding on the Pro Arms is an additional $600, making the total price for the set $2598.

We overall preferred the Pro Arms upgrade to the base level Ready Rig GS camera stabilization vest. But the Ready Rig GS offers capable stabilization and gimbal support for sure.