Redrock Micro Revolutionizes Gimbal & Lens Control at Cine Gear Expo 2017

by ProductionHUB

An interview from the 2017 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Brian Valente of Redrock Micro. Redrock Micro designs and sells a line of high quality cinema accessories for independent filmmakers, film educators and students, and budget-conscious moviemakers. In this interview Brian talks with us about the Eclipse System, which consists of an Atlas Smart Motor, Navigator Command Module, Halo Explorer Rangefinder, Satellite Gimbal Thumb Controller and the Orbit Monitor Positioning System & Sensor.

Eclipse is an entirely new family of camera, lens, and rig controls that propel camera production into the future. Eclipse products work together to make shooting faster, easier and smarter than ever, especially for solo-operators and small crews. Eclipse products connect and communicate with each other, share resources like power, show real-time status and alerts, and have configurable controls rather than hard-coded features. Now all your camera, lens, and rig controls are unified and under your complete control, whether you are next to the camera or a thousand feet away. Eclipse supports and translates between the most important protocols including WiFi, RF, Bluetooth, S.bus, and CAN.

The Satellite Gimbal Thumb Controller gives you unprecedented control over your Freefly MoVI, MoVI Pro or DJI Ronin gimbals. As a solo operator, all the controls you want are right at your fingertip. Satellite is the only gimbal joystick controller with built-in support for camera record start and stop. The built-in tally light gives you visual confirmation for confidence knowing when the camera is rolling.

Halo is the first affordable, accurate, intuitive system that can automatically track and keep your subject in focus using your existing lens and camera. When you operate alone, Halo automatically keeps your subject in focus so you can concentrate on framing. For focus pullers, Halo Explorer gives you fexible focusing assistants while you stay in complete control. Advanced technology, compact size and weight, and a ordability mean Halo is great for enthusiasts, owner/operators, and production professionals alike.

When combined with Atlas smart motors, Halo transforms into a powerful focus tracking system that keeps your subject automatically in focus at all times. As the subject moves, Halo measures the distance in sub-inch accuracy and the lens motor adjusts focus to keep your subject razor sharp. Halo updates continuously and in real-time so it’s also great for wide open lenses and long focal lengths. Halo is ideal for tricky shots that combine camera movement (like dollying) with subject movement.