Run and gun filmmaking – Glidecam & GH5

by Peter Makholm

Run And Gun Filmmaking – Glidecam & GH5. Shooting videos Run & Gun style really makes you grow as a filmmaker. I use my glidecam & gh5 for most Run and gun filmmaking. The combo of the Glidecam and gh5 is perfect when we talk Run and gun filming. Not once has it failed.

If you want to learn guerilla filmmaking and how to shoot videos with a run and gun setup. You should challenge yourself and try it. In this video, I am using the Glidecam Devin Graham series. It is the best stabilizer I have ever had. For a run and gun filmmaking setup, you can always trust a Glidecam, because there are no electronics that can break down, and you can easily switch between handheld and Glidecam.