Stabil i4: A Robotic 3-axis Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

A versatile and easy-to-use 3 axis robotic camera stabilizer that allows anyone to capture stunning cinematic footage anywhere!

Thanks to Anton Chernoivan and Zachary Oschin for filming and editing.

Have you ever tried to record that perfect moment while in motion with your camera? Have you ever wished there was something light, versatile, and easy-to-use that would get rid of the shaking? well then the Stabil i4 is for you!

The Stabil i4 is a robotic 3-axis camera stabilizer that utilizes 3 brushless motors and a state-of-the-art customized microprocessor (paired to a gyroscope) to deliver true buttery smooth video footage in places that were previously thought of as impossible. The Stabil i4 eliminates any human error such as jerks and is the ultimate accesory for any filmmaker, profesional or amateur. It is incredibly affordable compared to any other option on the market, a well as each one will be pre-assembled and pre-tuned right here in the USA.

Stabil i4 with lightweight Lumix Gx1 test.

If you order the “RED EPIC’ Package, your Stabil i4 will ship with upgraded motors and tougher construction, as well as a higher-current controller. supports cameras such as the RED Epic & Scarlet, & can carry up to 15lbs total!
As professionals know, steady video is a crucial component for any production. However, previous tools such as servo gimbals and Steadicams had major drawbacks. SteadiCams require heavy couterweights to be attached and to get trully awesome footage, you have to practice for years. servo gimbals have recenty become a decent replacement in aerial applications as they are much lighter and easier to balance. However, their ratiod design makes them inherently slow, which makes them extremenly impractical in handheld applications. the Stabil i4 solves all of these problems. it does not require couterweights, is easy to use, and utilizes the most responsive circuit technology on the market to deliver truly amazing footage with little to no effort. it is also completely silent!

Also, with the Integrated Shock-Absorber Plate, the Stabil i4 can easily be mounted to aerial multicopters, such as a Cinestar or Carbon-Core, allowing you to get profesional aerial footage with little effort or strain on your wallet.

Custom built Hexacopter with a stepper motor gimbal
Stabil i4 Parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in California. We did not want this product to be outsourced to other parts of the world, so we brought over as much production here to USA as we could. all the Anodized Aluminum pieces are fabricated in California, as well as all of the assembly, pre-tuning, and testing.

We have two machine shops that will produce the aluminum parts for the Stabil i4
How the Stabil i4 works
The camera mount on the Stabil i4 contains a sensor that can detect the orientation of the camera. This sensor is connected to sophisticated electronics that then use this orientation data to calculate which direction the camera has to be moved for it to become level. These calculations happen many times each second. The electronics use this data to precisely control the three motors on the gimbal. Each motor controls one of the three axes (Pan: left/right, Tilt: up/down, and Roll: lean left/lean right) and thereby keep the camera level and steady.

Design Goals and Process
Our goal was to make to make a camera stabilizer that was light enough to be used by a child, had enough features to be a comparable replacement on a Hollywood set, and was very affordable (unlike our $15,000 competitor). DSLR have become the standard for video over the past years, so the Stabil i4 is designed to carry up to cameras such as the D800 and Canon 5D MIII 🙂

– The ilustrations above and in the video, as well as demo footage taken were all shot of the final prototype of the Stabil gimbal. The current gimbal has all of the functions of the final product, including the follow and ‘straight stabilize’ modes, remote control functionality, and joystick integration. this functionality is briefly demonstates along with the results in the above video.

Front View Canon 60D and 24-35 f2.8 Canon L Zoom Lens
Development Process
We have working prototypes and multiple suppliers ready to make the parts. After 6 months of intense designing, prototyping, testing and programming, I have achieved a product that I think is going to revolutionize the film industry, both in the sense of value and quality. I have been in the photography and videography industry for the past two years, and undestand how important it is to deliver on promises.

Probable timeline of Stabil progress

Current Progress:
– Secured Deals for OEM manufactured parts
– produced 3 prototype models
– gimbal has been ‘Field Tested’ by a handful of professional photographers & videographers, all of whom were very pleased.
– integrated various accessory circuits into the main stabilizer frame.

We Need funds for:
– For bulk order of the brushless microcontrollers, raw carbon fiber and aluminum materials
– To purchase an industrial CNC-milling machine to be able to produce the custom parts of the Stabil i4 gimbal, including the radial motor mounts, and modular circuitry attachments, as well as allowing me to improve the design.

The finished Stabil camera stabilizer will feature enclosed housings for the brushless controller, will hae improved motors with aluminum shells, and the wiring will be neatly packed inside the main frame structure.

First, we created a CAD file of the custom parts we needed manufactured for the gimbal (such as motor mounts to house the 22 pole brushless motors, boom splitters, adjustable tilt axels, and aluminum clamps) in Adobe Photoshop software.

Then, we acquired similar speced parts from outland OEM manufacturers, along with the necessary controllers, wiring, motors, and battery equipment. We began soldering, wrenching, and balancing the various characteristics of the Stabil gimbal.

The images show the work being done on the prototype brushless gimbal
Later, we began testing the gimbal, and in the process got some amazing footage, some of which is shown in the above reel! Then, we started creating the KickStarter campaign as we could no longer keep funding the project by ourselves.

REWARDS (Extras):
7-inch ‘Live’ Monitor AND HDMI WIRELESS SET*: monitor mounts directly to the cheesplate accessory and displays a live feed from the attached camera via a pre-assembled (and included) wireless video system (FULL 1080P). Pledge extra $690 to receive this reward.

Integrated Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver diagram explaining the principle and purpose behind this package. The wireless kit will add about 200g to the camera platform (to be balanced).

Remote Control Package:
Allows for wireless manipulation of the gimbal-mounted camera. this allows for a two-person setup where one person focuses on the position of the gimbal and the other focuses on the composition and framing of the camera footage. perfect for professional production scenes and aerial use on a multicopter or a Kessler crane. please pledge extra $200 for this package.

Alloy CheesePlate: allows you to mount various accessories such as monitors, microphones, batteries, etc… to your gimbal. Pledge $49 extra for this package.

Bluetooth Package:
Allows for wireless Tuning of your gimbal at a range of about 30ft. Amazing value and versatility. Please pledge extra $59 to receive this reward.

Shown above is the software setup window that utilizes the wireless bluetooth module (integrated) to wirelessly connect to the gimbal.

Side view: this time the Stabil i4 is housing the Canon 60D with a Zoom L Lens
Stabil i4 Specifications
– Weight: Approx. 39oz/ 1105 grams
– Dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 22 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
– Startup time: Approx. 5 seconds
– Runtime: about 1.5 hours per battery
– Carrying Capacity: 7lbs. (all-in total)
– Maximum Camera Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 8 x 9 x 9 in. (20 x 22 x 22 cm)
– Camera Weight: Up to 4.5lbs

– Materials: JapaneseCarbon Fiber & Anodized Aluminum Construction
– Balance Measures: Fully adjustable in all 3 axis to achieve perfect balance
– Electronics: customized AlexMos circuitry and software
– Motors: Custom Rewound 22-Pole Brushless Motors
– 100% designed and assembled in the USA

Key Advantages of The Stabil i4:
– full 3 axis stabilization
– comes fully prebuilt and ready-to-go
– high density and safer Lithium batteries
– lighter than comparable SteadiCams; so light in fact, that even a child can operate it. Extremely Easy to Learn & Operate

more info: LINK