Stabilizer News review – Glidecam Ultra-Shot

by Matija Petrovic
photos: Petar Krajacic Vilovic

We’ve been testing Glidecam Ultra-Shot for the last few weeks.

Shoulder rig mode
The Glidecam Ultra-Shot is the ultimate, transformational, camera accessory that effectively provides many of the most popular production tools needed by independent, reality and documentary, run-n-gun, videographers in an all-in-one tool.

Designed by Lee Snijders and manufactured by Glidecam Industries inc. The Glidecam Ultra-Shot is an extremely durable and multi-functional “Hybrid” camera accessory that allows you to quickly convert between monopod mode and shoulder mode and even a ground level shooting mode.

In Hi-Hat mode, it converts into a small tripod, which allows you to shoot at ground level, and positions at any angle with its tilting back-and-forth head. The tilting head connects to the Ultra-Shot via a 3/8″-16 screw and has two 1/4″-20 screws, therefore making it compatible with all industry-standard camcorders and DSLRs. Switch to Shoulder mode, and you can hold onto the two motocross grips with the one leg with the EVA foam pad resting on your shoulder. Quick mode transitions allow the Ultra-Shot to work well in fast-paced environments like television, news, documentary work, and many run-and-gun situations.

Stabilizer mode
Fully extended in Monopod mode, the Ultra-Shot will stand at 63.6″ to allow working from a higher vantage point. Swinging the grips towards the user and collapsing the Monopod a bit shorter, you now have it in a Stabilizer mode, where the large rubber hexagonal foot rests against your leg or belt to create a steadier shot.

Monopod mode
The Ultra-Shot is made from T6-6061 aluminum, and it has a tilting head with two motocross grips. The tilting head has a 6″ offset quick release plate. The grips can swivel around the pole by unlocking the knob and you can position the grips for handling the hybrid accessory in any mode. The five-section legs have flip locks and collapse down to 23″. Additionally, the Ultra-Shot has a load capacity of 20 lb (9.07 kg) and large rubber feet for grip on a variety of surfaces.

Material of Construction T6-6061 aluminum, Rubber, EVA foam
Maximum Height 63.6″ (161.5 cm)
Folded Length 23″ (58 cm)
Load Capacity 20 lb (9.07 kg)
Leg Sections Five
Leg Lock Type Flip
Male Thread Size Two 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 for head attachment
Weight 6 lb (2.72 kg)

What’s in the box
– Camera plate
– Handlebars
– Telescoping monopod which includes (video head with quick release plate, telescoping post, base weight)

We must first say that our experience with all in one tools can’t be called a good one. Until now, none of those tools have proven to be good, and honestly none of those tools had worked the way they should. Glidecam Ultra-Shot is a tool which gives you the functions of monopod, shoulder rig and stabilizer all in one. As it was already said, we’d been really sceptical at the beginning until we’ve started to test Glidecam Ultra-Shot. At first we were positively shocked by the build quality and with the weight at the bottom, which also serves as the counterweight for shoulder rig, so there is no skidding on the ground. Two handlebars in monopod mode are also a great option. One can be used as the body support in order to gain even better stabilization while the other can be hand held. We were also positively surprised by the shoulder rig mode because it is simply brilliant. There is no shaking and we are able to get the real film motion which can be compared with a lot more expensive rigs we’ve had a chance to work with.

In the video we didn’t want to show how does the monopod or shoulder rig works. We all know how both of these tools work. We wanted to show how simple it actually is to switch from one mode to the other and how fast it can be done.

Final word
Glidecam Ultra-Shot deserves every recommendation, especially to someone who is just entering film making world, as one can get useful tool which can be used in many different situations, for small amount of money. Once again, BRAVO Glidecam!

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