Stabilizer News test – BeStableCam Horizon HF3

BeStableCam has new gimbal for cellphones named Horizon HF3. We had the opportunity to test SteadyGim3 for GoPro earlier this year and we can see the obvious improvements in the technology. We are not surprised that the previous model is not on the market anymore.

Box included:
– Horizon HF3 gimbal body
– 18350 LiPo battery
– 18350 LiPo battery charger
– Micro USB Charging Cable
– Motor protector
– Counterweight
– User Manual
– Warranty card

HF3 needs two batteries. Charging takes about an hour, and the duration of the batteries is 5 to 8 hours depending on the weather conditions.

Operating modes:
There are four modes of operating:

1. Heading follow Mode
Pitch & Roll axis are locked
Pan axis rotates smoothly with turn on wrist
Use joystick tilt camera

2. Heading & Pitch Follow Mode
Roll axis is locked.
Pan and pitch axis follow handle

3. Heading lock mode
Pitch, roll & pan axis are locked

4. Vertical framing mode
In the vertical mode, it is enter heading follow mode

Stabilization accuracy: ±0.01°
Follow accuracy: ±0.1°
Pan axis range: 360°
Tilt axis range: 360° (inverted)
Roll axis range: -45° – + 45°
Tilt axis control speed: min 1°/s max 18°/s
Pan axis control speed: min 1°/s max 30°/s
Motor type: 3x triple Wound HT brushless
Dynamic current: 120 mA (at 8.4 VDC)
Max motor current: 2A maximum (at 12.6 VDC)
Sensors: IMU module, HD encoders
Batteries: ICR 18350, 900 mAh x2
Operating temperature: -5 to 122° / -15 to 50°C
Weight: 0.75 lbs / 340g (unloaded)
Supported cameras: Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6/6+/SE

Final words
We could see big improvements unlike SteadyGim3. The only down side is the case box that the previous model had and this one has not. Very good ergonomy of the handle and impresive stabilization. In every case we can recommend this product.

You can see our test in the video bellow.

About BeStableCam
BeStableCam Technology Limited Company is a film equipment company specialized in developing and manufacturing of brushless camera gimbal & panoramic equipments. BeStableCam mainly developing open sourced brushless camera gimbal and is one of the few Hi-tech companies that have developing producing and selling ability. BeStableCam has always giving priority to overseas market including European, North America, Middle and east Asia since her foundation day. Yearly selling has been growing steadily at 30%-50% every year and are well known for her powerful developing ability and quality customer service.