Stabilizer News test – SteadyGim3 Pro 3-Axis GoPro Stabilizer

We have received new BeStableCam SteadyGim3 Pro for testing and review. SteadyGim3 Pro is a new professional stabilizer for GoPro cameras and it has one novelty that makes it different from the rest of competition; that is a small external screen which ideally helps shooting video.

Unboxing (case opening)
First thing we were thrilled about was the packaging. SteadyGim3 Pro comes in a small bag which is shock resistant. It contains everything you need for shooting:

– Users’s guide
– Certificates
– Waranty card
– Strap for bag
– Two rechargeable lipo batteries
– Micro usb charger
– 2x GoPro charge cables
– Battery extension tube
– 3 axis SteadyGim3 Pro stabilizer

Packaging contains two batteries. SteadyGim3 Pro can work with one and with two batteries. When using the second battery you need to mount the extension tube. The second battery doesn’t only prolong the battery life, but it also makes handling the device a lot easier. Type of batteries is IMR 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh with approximate duration of 7 to 12 hours. In case you want to order additional batteries, our recommendation is the following:

LINK for these batteries

There are three possible modes to enter through the joystick:
– Heading Follow mode — pitch and roll locks; smooth yaw rotation by turning handle CW or CCW
– Heading Lock mode — heading, pitch, and roll angles locked
– Heading/Pitch Follow mode — roll locks; smooth heading and pitch rotation by changing handle attitude

Audio/Video Port
The novelty SteadyGim3 Pro offers and which makes it different from all the other GoPro stabilizers is the audio/video port. Screen Idea of adding a screen came from that audio/video port. The package contains a small screen with 3.5 mm jack and it is ideally positioned on gimbal. This feature really helps the shooting; screen can be positioned at any angle you prefer. Our test You can see our test of SteadyGim3 Pro stabilizer and also the test with GoPRo3+ black edition camera.

Final words
SteadyGim3 Pro stabilizer is an ideal solution for all indie filmmakers and for a professional production too. As new GoPro cameras have the picture quality that comes close to the quality of movie camera, these type of stabilization are gaining more popularity. The image of cherry taken with GoPro camera from the hand is really smooth and it looks like it was taken with expensive Steadicam or big gimbal. Anyhow, SteadyGim3 Pro from BeSteadyCam has the full recommendation from Stabilizer News team.

About BeStableCam
BeStableCam Technology Limited Company is a film equipment company specialized in developing and manufacturing of brushless camera gimbal & panoramic equipments. BeStableCam mainly developing open sourced brushless camera gimbal and is one of the few Hi-tech companies that have developing producing and selling ability. BeStableCam has always giving priority to overseas market including European,North America, Middle and east Asia since her foundation day. Her yearly selling has been growing steadily at 30%-50% every year and are well known for her powerful developing ability and quality customer service.

Stabilizer News test video:

more info: LINK