Steadicam 3 day Silver Workshops, Asia Pacific: June/July 2013


The Tiffen International Silver Steadicam Workshop is a great opportunity for camera operators to work with the latest Steadicam systems under the expert guidance of factory‐certified Steadicam operator/trainers. It is designed for those interested in training in all aspects of Steadicam use. There will be three Silver workshops in Asia‐Pacific in 2013, to be held in Wellington, New Zealand, Singapore and Sydney, Australia.

The 3 Day Silver workshop suits busy schedules and is an intense kick‐start workshop designed to get students operating in the shortest time possible, providing similar exercises to the 5 ½ workshop using the same high‐end Steadicam rigs and Tiffen‐approved instructors, with focus on set‐up, exercise and instruction aspects, and less time on grip and final examination assessment. Student numbers are from 8 to a maximum of 12 per workshop, with 2‐3 instructors working with groups of 4 students. A Steadicam Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who have successfully completed the workshop.

The cost is US$1,500.00 for each workshop and payment is due before the course starts. This fee includes the course itself and the use of all equipment, lunch and dinner, but does not include accommodation. In addition to the daily instruction, there will be guest Steadicam operators, sharing their personal experiences on feature film, TVC, drama, reality and sports production.

The syllabus for the 3 day Silver Workshop has been devised by Tiffen’s Robin Thwaites, based on Robin’s three decades of Steadicam knowledge and training experience. The workshop is fully endorsed by the Tiffen/Steadicam factory and Steadicam inventor, Garrett Brown, and underpinned by the excellent resource that is the Steadicam Operator’s Handbook, authored by Jerry Holway and Laurie Hayball.

On completion of the course, the participants will have learnt how to: setup and adjust a Steadicam rig, arm and vest, and perform static and dynamic balance; understand posture and rest positions; start stop, panning, track shooting; effect a wide range of techniques to achieve Steadicam shots including switch shooting, ‘circle the subject’, actors seated & standing, steps and stairs, corners & corridors; as well as operating low mode, and working in adverse conditions.

The requirement for students is that they have camera experience and are reasonably healthy (please feel free to discuss this if you have any doubt). Students should also be aware that Steadicam operation is a physical activity and therefore typical preferred dress for comfort is a tracksuit or jeans and tee shirt (maybe shorts in Singapore). Ankle-­supporting trainers make ideal footwear.

Details about the Asia‐Pacific Silver Workshop season is as follows:
NEW ZEALAND June 5­‐7, 2013 (Wed – Fri) Wellington, New Zealand, Fee: $1500 USD The New Zealand Workshop will be held at Avalon Studios, Wellington, under the lead instruction of Rebecca Wilson­‐Jennings supported by accredited international Steadicam instructors, ‘guest’ Steadicam operators, and local distributor, A2Z Technologies.

SINGAPORE June 25‐27, 2013 (Tue – Thu) Singapore, Fee: $1500 USD The Singapore Workshop will be held at The Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts, under the lead instruction of Park Sang Hoon, supported by accredited international Steadicam instructors, ‘guest’ Steadicam operators, and local distributor, Cathay Photo.

SYDNEY July 31 – August 2 (Wed – Fri) Sydney, Australia, Fee: $1500 USD The Australian Workshop will be held at a venue to be advised under the lead instruction of Harry Panagiotidis supported by accredited international Steadicam instructors, ‘guest’ Steadicam operators, and local distributor, Lemac Film & Digital.

To reserve a place on any of the above courses please go to and select Reserve a Workshop from the navigation at the top of the page. Half way down the page click on Register Online here after which you can select your workshop:
June 5­‐7, 2013 Wellington New Zealand 3-­‐Day Silver Workshop $1500 USD
June 25­‐27, 2013 Singapore 3-­‐Day Silver Workshop $1500 USD
June 31‐Aug 2, 2013 Sydney Australia 3-­‐Day Silver Workshop $1500 USD

and complete the form. You can also e­‐mail Brett or Robin Thwaites ([email protected]) if you have any questions prior to submitting your application. Places will be allocated strictly on first come first served basis so a rapid response is recommended. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a Steadicam Workshop in 2013.

Kind Regards,
Brett Smith
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