Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown to Get SOC Lifetime Achievement Honor

Mike Moad, Bobby Mancuso and Phil Caruso also will be honored Feb. 11 at the Society of Camera Operators Awards.

Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown, who has operated Steadicam on films including The Shining, Philadelphia and Bulworth, will receive the Society of Camera Operators’ Lifetime Achievement Award, during the SOC Awards on Feb. 11 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

In addition to camera operator Brown, Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented to Mike Moad, for a mobile camera platform operator (Flags of Our Fathers, Super 8); Bobby Mancuso, for a camera technician (Goodfellas, The Wolf of Wall Street); and Phil Caruso, for a still photographer (Forrest Gump, Twelve Monkeys).

The event’s technical achievement award nominees — representing technology from lights to drones — will be shown at the SOC Demo Day on Nov. 12 at the society’s Burbank office.

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