Swing From POV to Ground in One Fluid Motion with Glidecam’s True Horizon

by NFS staff

Glidecam reveals its newest products for even steadier shooting.

We met with Glidecam to get a close-up look at their two new products, the True Horizon and Centurion. Both of these devices provide stable shooting for any camera operator trying to create a cinematic professional looking shot.
True Horizon

The main reason to get excited about this new roll controlling device is it’s one axis motorized system. The system gives it’s user the chance to swing from a point of view shot all the way to the ground in one fluid motion. This piece is completely modular so it can be used on any Glidecam. The True Horizon can hold cameras up to 5 lbs in weight. It’s selling for a special price at NAB (only $599) but will be available in 1 to 2 weeks for $699.

Glidecam has now entered the brushless market. The Centurion is a three-axis gimbal that provides steady smooth shooting. What’s more, the Centurion doesn’t require an app to use. The gimbal is pre-programmed and ready to go when you purchase it. It holds cameras up to 5lbs in weight.
– 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
– 1-5 lb Payload
– 32-Bit Processing
– Full 360° Compensation
– Can be Setup for Single or Dual Grips
– 5 Selectable Stabilization Modes

Right now it is on sale for $1799, but exclusively on B&H you can purchase this product for $999.

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