Team Rebel Design Beholder DS-1 3 Axis Gimbal

If you’re a DIY filmmaker, the near ideal combination of payload, capability and price may have converged with the Team Rebel Design Beholder DS-1, complete with it’s 3.8 lb payload, on board 5 way joystick, 3 hours of runtime with each set of batteries and all for the reasonable price of $699. One other thing that I neglected to mention, fortunately unlike big 3-axis gimbal devices that require two hand for operation, the DS-1 is a one handed operation, and when you arm gets tired, you can just pass it to the other hand. Speaking for myself, the thing I love most about the DS-1 is that it’ll allow me to film real estate videos with the combination of the GH4 and the Olympus or Panasonic 7-14mm lenses. This MS-1 was unable to do that as the combo exceeded the maximum weight… So all in the DS-1 is a winner.