The Versatile CameTV 7800 Gimbal Stabilizer Just Got a Little More Affordable

There are quite a few handheld gimbal stabilizers out there on the market now, and though many do an incredible job stabilizing footage, they tend to be pretty expensive. But the 3-axis CameTV 7800 provides the acrobatics of the DJI Ronin, as well as a price tag that most indie filmmakers can afford.

The CameTV 7800 is a lightweight gimbal stabilizer that produces stable footage on a budget. I compare it to the Ronin only because of it’s multiple operational modes, but really, the CameTV 7800 isn’t designed to handle larger, heavier camera setups like the Ronin. However, it does have some excellent features that many filmmakers are looking for — sure, its low price, but also its ease of use and versatility.

CheesyCam reviewed the 7800 and put together a couple of videos to show you to what this gimbal stabilizer can do:

– 3-axis gimbal stabilization
– Multiple operational modes (standard, upright, and briefcase)
– No assembly required
– Supports many different cameras, including Canon 5D Mark III/II, Canon 7D, Panasonic GH4, and Sony A7s
– Max load is 6.6 lbs/3 kg
– PIDS set up before shipping
– Switch between modes (follow, lock) easily with joystick
– Lightweight (4.8 lbs/2.2 kg)
– Quick release plate
– Monitor bracket

Check out this video to see how stable the 7800 can make your footage.

The CameTV 7800 is one of the most affordable gimbals out there right now. They’ve even lowered the price a little bit for the month of November, so you can now get your hands on one for $1298. To learn more about this stabilizer, check out the CameTV website.

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